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24k Goddess | MVMNT LMTD | Australia

The 24K Goddess squad are all about bringing gold moments to babes around the world from the sunny Sunshine Coast, Queensland!

There's only two things that they totally obsessed with... gold and goddesses, so it felt only natural to go ahead and share their obsession with the world! 

24k Goddess motive? To give you and every goddess a really good reason to #glowgold at any, well actually EVERY opportunity – while watching Netflix, baking, doing yoga, online shopping, riding unicorns, sipping lattes… the list goes on!

24k Goddess motto? Life’s short, so live a golden one... because you can!
The 24K Goddess range leaves every babe (just like you) feeling illuminated, refreshed and glowing. 

24k Goddess luxe, premium beauty and skin care products are infused with real active gold and are made with only natural and vegan ingredients. 24k Goddess breath, love, bathe with and live for them (you and your squad will too – trust us)!


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