FitPro Collection | FitPro Booty Bands

FitPro Collection Have Stepped Up The Booty Game, Now It Is Time To Step Up Yours!

Introducing FitPro Collection NEW & IMPROVED Booty Bands! LIFT, TONE and BUILD your Booty! Gym, home, park, wherever you workout - FitPro Booty Bands are designed to be taken with you anywhere. Target your booty with fat burning exercises and build your perfect peach! 

Booty Band Features

  • FREE eBook - With every Booty Bands purchase you will be sent via email a free eBook to help get started with building that perfect peach.

  • Lift, Tone, Build - Enhance almost any exercise by simply adding the Booty Bands to your favourite workouts.
  • Glute Activation - FitPro Collection Booty Bands are the perfect tool for all your glute activation exercises to get those real booty gains.

  • Workout Anywhere - The bands are so light and compact you can take them anywhere you go and get in shape and stay in shape. 
  • Unlimited Workouts - Exercises are limitless with the booty bands, the only limits are your imagination! 
  • Strengthen Injuries - With the 3 levels of difficulty you can ease into your exercises and routines to rehabilitate injuries and become strong again.
  • Increase Flexibility - Warming up and down is always important and the bands allow you to do the most effective stretching exercises.
  • 3 Levels of Difficulty - No matter what level of fitness you're currently at the Booty Bands have 3 different levels of resistance which can cater for all booty types.

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