Macro Mike | PB+ Powdered Peanut Butter - 9 Flavours!

  • Macro Mike | MVMNT LMTD | PB+ Powdered Peanut Butter | Australia

    Macro Mike PB+ is a must have for all the Peanut Butter addicts out there. PB+ is high in protein, low in fat, and comes in a range of delicious flavours

    Made from the highest quality of plant powered protein with Macro Mike signature roasted peanut flour.

    Add it to protein shakes, smoothie bowls, pancakes, waffles, granola and everything in-between. The possibilities are endless!

    Per 12g serving – 49 cal, 2.2 carbs, 6.3g protein, 1.2g fat (different flavours may vary)

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