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  • Official Twix Whey Protein Powder!

    Awesome super indulgent flavour - caramel, chocolate, BISCUIT...yes PLEASE - this is a protein shake that appeals to the child in all of us!

    We LOVE a cheeky Twix bar....BUT I think we can all agree...they don't really fit in with our diets/lifestyles, balance is important...and we know this...so the odd bar every know and then is totally acceptable...BUT what if we could have the INCREDIBLE taste of a Twix Bar...WITHOUT the badness!! Containing nearly 21g protein per scoop and around 5g carbs this Twix Protein Powder is the PERFECT way to settle those choccy bar cravings!!


    If you're a sucker for something sweet like we are....then this is going to be a hit for you!! Like drinking caramel!! With the all important Twix choccy flavour without forgetting the awesome biscuit layer that completes the Twix make-up!! That all important biscuit and caramel squad twisted with sweet sweet choccy!!

    Why Twix Protein Powder?!

    + Tastes SO good!

    + REAL Twix flavour

    + Over 20g protein per scoop

    + Great Mixability

    + Only 5.6g Carbs per scoop

    + Around 140cals per scoop

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