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Founded by best-selling health author and international speaker Don Chisholm, Nuferm was established to provide nutrition to those who needed it most, each and every one of us.

Don has spent a lifetime trying to discover what stops people from getting healthy.
Why one treatment works on one person and not another, and why some people lose weight and others can’t, despite the best diet and exercise. Essentially, what the real meaning of health and wellness is all about.

What Don learnt is that real health is simple, and Nuferm was established behind the founding principle of:

“We are not what we eat, but what we absorb.”

With many external and lifestyle factors such as toxins, radiation, EMFs, pesticides, treated water, alcohol, sugars, genetically modified and processed foods affecting our bodies, it is essential to provide our gut with the nutrition it needs to repair itself from the damage caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.

Nuferm has a complete probiotic food range of easily absorbable bacteria for the gut.

  • Gluten free products
  • Chemical free products
  • Food based products from organic ingredients

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