BEAST Sports Nutrition | 2 SHREDDED – POWDER

45 Serves
BEAST Sports Nutrition | MVMNT LMTD |  2 SHREDDED – POWDER | Australia
The professional strength thermogenic weight loss complex that helps the body get lean five different ways. It’s a new age… for a whole new beast.

The unique 2 Shredded™ formula works on five different levels. It stimulates the thyroid, speeds up metabolism, regulates body temperature for burning fat, supports the body’s natural diuretic functions and finally, suppresses appetite and hunger cravings. Thyroid function is a key component to weight loss because it works with the body’s metabolism to help fight weight gain and fatigue. 2 Shredded™ supports a healthy and active thyroid to keep fitness enthusiasts going full force.

Key Benefits

  • Stimulates the thyroid, speeds up metabolism
  • Regulates body temperature for burning fat
  • Supports the body’s natural diuretic functions
  • Suppresses appetite and hunger cravings

Some Key Ingredients

Caffeine anhydrous helps in normalising your core body temperature for faster fat loss.

Green tea powder (leaf) believed to help the body burn calories more quickly than normal. This is believed to fuel weight loss and help the body break down fat more easily.

White willow bark extract enhances and speeds up your metabolism by stimulating the thyroid gland; have antioxidant, fever reducing, antiseptic, and immune boosting properties.

Potassium iodide isanelectrolyte and essential mineral important for regulating water balance, acid levels and blood pressure.

Chromium polynicotinate plays a role in blood sugar metabolism by enhancing blood sugar effects and assisting in the thousands of necessary chemical reactions that occur in your body.

Vanadium citrate promotes low blood sugar and improving athletic performance in weight training. 


As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop with 235ml of water with meals twice daily. Do not exceed 2 scoops in a 24 hour period.


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