Eden Healthfoods | MVMNT LMTD | High Octane Energy Herbs Capsules 100 vcaps

Eden Healthfoods | High Octane Energy Herbs Capsules 100 vcaps

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High Octane 100 vegetable capsules.

High Octane Energy Herbs Capsules 100 vcaps

High Octane is the only formula is Australia to have natural organic herbal extracts. No stimulants just a unrelenting natural energy surge that lasts for hours and gives super concentration and clarity. Perfect for all athletes and body builders.


Tribulus extract and tribulus herb, Damiana leaf, Korean ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Brazilian ginseng (Suma), Sarsaparilla, Licorice root extract and Licorice root, Tienchi ginseng, Mucunu Pruriens

All ingredients organic, (including natural herbal extracts) wildcrafted and freshly milled wherever available.


All ginsengs are famous for their reputation of being able to improve the body’s resistance to fatigue and helps in increasing work capacity and concentration. In fact, ginseng is such a powerful herb that wars have been fought over it because men say it has such a strong effect on their sexual desire and function.

Sarsaparilla and Tribulus contain steroidal compounds.This high octane super fuel can be used by adult men and women of any age to release energy, but it is especially effective for middle-aged men to help produce hormones and stimulate that all important MALE ENERGY.




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