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Eden Healthfoods | Thin Again – Organic Weight Loss Formula 100vcaps

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Organic Weight Loss Formula
Organic herbs and herbal extracts to help you be the ultimate winner by making you the biggest loser.

Thin Again – Organic Garcinia Complex

“If you thought losing weight was hard, think again”

Using mostly organic and wildcrafted herbs and herbal extracts, this potent and effective thermogenic contains no stimulants, no caffeine, no rubbish or unwanted fillers.

No synthetic ingredients are used with Thin Again which means it makes you feel good, supports the body and works without compromise.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used because at Eden Healthfoods, health always comes first and quality is a high priority.

Suppress, Block, Burn, Eliminate 

Organic herbs and herbal extracts to help you be the ultimate winner by making you the biggest loser

Lose weight and feel great – 100% natural herbal and healthy formula.

  • Suppress your appetite – Chickweed, Black Walnut hulls
  • Block the fat and carbs you eat – Cassia Nomame, Garcinia Cambogia, White Kidney Bean, Bladderwrack and Kelp
  • Help burn more fat – Cayenne, Ginger, Bitter Orange, Siberian Ginseng, Hawthorne berry, African mango, Coleus forskohlii
  • Help eliminate more liver waste – Burdock root, Fennel seed
  • Help eliminate more kidney waste – Parsley leaf, Dandelion leaf
  • Help speed up your metabolism- cayenne, siberian ginseng, ginger, hawthorne berry.

Thin Again does this and a whole lot more to help you feel great and burn excess weight by addressing important issues needed to your desired result.

  • Kelp can support normal thyroid function
  • Ginger helps aid better digestion
  • Siberian ginseng helps adrenal function
  • Black walnut hulls helps get rid of parasites which can rob your body of needed nutrients which in turn can keep eating more than you need while still making you feel too tried to exercise or live a fat burning active lifestyle you want.

Eat a balanced diet of wholefoods. Exercise for 1 hour everyday and drink lots of pure water.

How to Take: Thin Again capsules can be consumed 2 ways.You can either swallow the capsule as whole (as the capsules itself is vegetable cellulose) or break in half and sprinkle over food or in a smooth etc.

Serving Size: Take 4 capsules (broken or whole) in the morning.  



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