Faction Labs | Black Fire Disorder - High Stim Pre Workout (LIMITED EDITION)


  • Disorder Pre-workout by Faction Labs delivers a combination of cutting-edge stimulants, nootropics and nitric oxide ingredients. This combination delivers the most exciting pre-workout supplement available. With an unmatched, ingredient panel, Disorder provides the highest level of motivation and determination you will ever experience.

    Prepare yourself for:

    + CRAZY Pumps

    + RAZOR-SHARP Focus

    + EXTREME Energy

    + INCREASED Strength

    + DISORDER raises the bar when it comes to all-out dosed ingredients for all-out performance

    If you are looking for a high stimulant, high energy, pump and focus pre-workout then this product is a must try. Boasting formidable ingredients such as caffeine, citrulline malate and beta alanine, you will be well equipped to smash your workout.

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