APTECH HYDRO PEP™ Dark Mocha Protein
APTECH HYDRO PEP™ Dark Mocha Protein
APTECH HYDRO PEP™ Dark Mocha Protein

APTECH HYDRO PEP™ Dark Mocha Protein

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Please note, this Dark Mocha protein is de-caffeinated. 

- Grass Fed

- Lactose Free

- Gluten Free

- 100% Hydrolyzed

HYDRO PEP is a delicious 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein sourced from the finest grass fed New Zealand cattle.  

It is Lactose free, gluten free and contains 34 grams of protein per serving with less than 1g of carbs and fats. Its Degree of Hydrolysis = an astonishing 20%. 

The Criteria:

The best protein supplement should contain maximum protein with little to no carbs or fat. And by protein we mean real protein with ZERO added amino acids or other fillers that falsely increase protein content on the label.  It should be delicious, easy to mix, easy to digest, not cause flatulence and it should contain a large enough dose of protein per serving to see results with as little as one serving per day.

The Product:

To match this criteria, we used a never before seen in sports supplements lactose free hydrolyzed whey previously only utilized in the medical field for patients recovering from surgery or intensive therapies such as chemo or radiotherapy – due to it's high digestibility and rich source of muscle building, recovery enhancing peptides.  This naturally low lactose whey, which has never before been used in sports supplements is produced only one month out of the year from a select breed of grass fed cattle in nutrient rich New Zealand pastures. It is enzymatically pre-digested (Hydrolyzed) to remove the remaining lactose; and make it easier to digest for maximum absorption and maximum results.

The Results:

A delicious premium protein beverage with 34 grams of real protein that goes down so smoothly and won't cause bloating, digestive issues or flatulence. HYDRO-PEP is a protein supplement that defines the best of the best by a company defined by passion.

When to Take:

Protein is a very versatile supplement.

The most beneficial time you can consume protein is post workout to help with optimal recovery.

However, protein can be taken alongside meals, as a snack.. it's honestly up to you!

How to Take:

We suggest mixing protein with water. The body will absorb it much more efficiently. It is personal preference, however, if you do decide to mix with milk, just keep in mind it will...

no longer make this supplement lactose free

- add extra calories

- slow down the absorption rate of the protein as milk acts as a casein

Cost Per Serve: 

HYDRO PEP™ is 84.95 and has 25 servings. That makes its $3.39 per serve.