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Primeval Labs Primavar is a powerful non-hormonal muscle building supplement.

Primeval Labs haven't done this by halves with this product!

This is a very powerful plant based ingredient which actually doesn't interfere with hormonal levels.

This means Primavar is suitable for use by both guys and girls and can be used for longer periods of time.

The real standout of this powerhouse ingredient is that it increases protein synthesis by up to 200%!

Protein synthesis is the amount of dietary protein/amino acids you can utilise and turn into lean muscle mass. The higher your rate of protein synthesis the faster you grow!

It also has a positive effect on controlling cortisol levels and inflammation which promotes faster muscle recovery.

Being non-hormonal this has no effect on testosterone levels, is safe for use for females and requires no PCT at all.

Super Laxo makes a great lean gain supplement for increase muscle size/strength while staying lean.

One 'side effect' of Primavar (laxogenin) is the increases in muscle strength. The increases nitrogen retention is excellent for increasing strength and helps you push it harder in the gym by stimulating more muscle fibres.

Primeval Labs have gone a step further with this product and introduced liposomal delivery. These work to protect the raw ingredients so they can't be broken down by the bodies enzymes and you get maximum results. If you've used a similar dose of this compound before you'll notice a much more pronounced effect from taking the Super Laxo by Primeval Labs.

Some research on this delivery system have shown up to a 1500% increases in bioavailability!

What really stands about this product in comparison to other products on the market is the dosing. Each capsule has a massive 125mg of laxogenin! 

This is the strongest laxogenin product on the market and if you want the best, look no further.

Primavar Benefits

-       Enhances lean mass gains

-       Increases power & Strength

-       Supports joint health

-       Accelerates recovery

-       Reduces inflammation

-       Blunts fatigue

-       Boosts endurance & stamina

-       Decreases cortisol levels

-       Alleviates stress

-       Regulates blood sugar

-       Optimizes thyroid function

-       NO PCT Required!


For best results take 3 capsules 2 x per day. This can be repeated for 8 weeks before taking a break for 8 weeks.


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