Redcon1 | Cluster Bomb - Intra/Post Workout Carbs

  • Redcon1 Cluster Bomb is a high quality carbohydrate supplement.

    When it comes to carbohydrates, all sources weren't created equal.Carbs play a vital role when it comes to athletic performance,training & recovery.

    Utilised right they can dramatically enhance your physical performance and recovery.

    If you goal is to get bigger,stronger or faster then you should be utilising a carbohydrate supplement around your workouts to maximise your results.

    Carbs serve a number of functions when it comes to training performance.

    They stimulate blood sugar production. Blood sugar levels are one of the most powerful hormones in the body and helps to promote recovery & inhibit cortisol.

    This is very advantages as cortisol is your worst energy when it comes to getting better from training.

    The nutrient driving effects are very strong with this product as it has a high molecular weight. Without getting too technical this means it works like a big dragnet pulling other nutrients in your system (such as aminos,glutamine & creatine) along with it into the muscle cell where they are needed most.

    Without a driver these nutrients often lack direction and don't get utilised as they should be to promote recovery.

    Highly branched cyclic dextrin is seen as the premium carb source when it comes to workout nutrition. It's very light on your digestive system and requires minimal digestion which makes it ideal for use around your workouts.

    + Fast acting carbohydrate source

    + High molecular weight

    + Rapid digestion

    + No gastric upset

    + Fuels performance & accelerates recovery

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