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  • UPS ULTIMATE WHEY PROTEIN 908g is a tri-protein blend, including WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE (WPC), INSTANTISED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (WPI) and HYDROLYZED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (HWPI). This powerful combination of fast and slow digesting proteins provides your muscles with all the nutrients they need to recover faster and encourage sustained growth.

    WHEY PROTEIN is a superior source of immune-boosting protein fractions and growth factors, providing more than 10g BCAA’s per serve and naturally fermented L-Glutamine for recovery and immunity. It is easily digestible with a very low lactose content and added digestive enzyme Bromelain to ensure maximum absorption.

    Who is it for?

    UPS ULTIMATE WHEY has been expertly designed to meet the demands of serious trainers and elite athletes, using only premium quality ingredients, and no added sugar. With only 160 Calories, 2.6g carbs and 3g fat per serve, UPS ULTIMATE WHEY is perfect for active men and women of all fitness levels looking to build lean muscle and maintain low body fat. It is also suitable for any individual on a calorie controlled diet.

    Key Benefits:

    + Tri-Blend Protein Formula

    + Build Lean Muscle

    + Added Digestive Enzymes

    + Ultra low fat & carbohydrates

    + Suitable for men & women

    + Improve muscle growth & repair

    + Enhance recovery

    + Boost strength & performance

    + Delicious Whey Protein Powder

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