Vego Chocolate | Vego Whole Hazelnut Spread

  • + Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Spread with crunchy bits of hazelnuts

    + Made with Organic Ingredients

    + Fairtrade Ingredients

    + In a glass, reusable jar

    + 200g

    + Made in Italy

    If you love the Vego Bar you'll love this spread. This delicious fine hazelnut chocolate spread is made with fairtrade and certified organic ingredients and is perfect on toast, with desserts or straight from the jar.

    ** Wrapped in a recyclable snack wrapper. Please recycle with Redcycle or TerraCycle.

    Note: we do not deliver in cold packaging so we advise not to purchase in hot weather to risk spoiling or use express shipping to avoid your chocolate sitting in trucks for too long. Unfortunately once the chocolate leaves the warehouse we are not in control of how it is shipped and standard shipping is via road which can be long and hot during the Summer. We want you to love your chocolate so just be mindful of when you order.

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