VPA | Breakfast Shake


    VPA Breakfast Shake is a comprehensive morning shake designed to fuel your body for the day. It consists of the highest quality Australian grass-fed Whey Protein Concentrate, natural low GI Oats, added vitamins, and added green tea extract. A healthy body and a great day always starts with a nutritious breakfast, but not all of us are lucky enough to have the time to start our day this way…until now! VPA’s Breakfast Shake was designed for the health conscious, busy individual who values their body and wants to crush their day. VPA’s Breakfast Shake is for those of us who want to feed our bodies with the nutrients that will allow us to perform throughout the day at our highest level, while supporting our muscles and encouraging a healthy internal environment.


    + The easiest way to get a healthy nutritious breakfast on the run.

    + Ensure you are always starting your day the healthiest way you can.

    + Feed your body Grass-fed Australian whey, to support your muscles.

    + Energise your day with natural, low GI oats.

    + Added vitamins to help you meet your daily requirements.

    + Added green tea to kick-start your metabolism every day.

    + 31g of high-quality protein per serve.

    + 22g of natural, healthy complex carbohydrates in the form of low GI oats.

    + BCAA’s proven to help build muscle and aid in recovery.

    VPA is now partnered with REDcycle. VPA bags can now be dropped into any REDcycle bin. Just look for the REDcycle bin at your nearest Coles, Woolworths or participating outlet. You can look up your nearest bin HERE.

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