Zen Green Tea | Matcha Bamboo Whisk

The Zen Green Tea Bamboo Whisk is a traditional tool used to mix the perfect matcha green tea. Hand-carved from a single piece of bamboo.

Using a traditional bamboo whisk allows matcha powder to be mixed throughout the water. As a result, you will create a smoother, more delicious matcha experience.

This 100-pronged whisk, also known as a chasen, has been used in Japanese tea preparation for centuries.

How to Use:

Using the end of your scoop as a measure, place your matcha into a round bowl. Using the end of your whisk tap the powder lightly breaking up any lumps.
Pour hot, not boiling water (approximately 100mls) into your bowl and whisk your matcha in a W pattern. You will need to whisk quickly to form a creamy froth.
Now that the matcha is suspended evenly, you may enjoy the tea in a number of ways including: Straight from the bowl, poured into a mug with more hot water added, iced in a tall glass for a refreshing tea.

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