Workout Clothes to Try On According to Your Body Shape

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Women who love hitting the gym, attending yoga classes, and working out consistently know how much their mood changes for the better when they put on the right workout clothes. Your attire every time you exercise has the power to boost your confidence, ultimately giving you the energy you never knew you needed to keep going and finish your routine.

The activewear you choose trains your mind to look forward to your session, whether it’s purely weightlifting, bodyweight, or cardio-focused workouts. When you look the part and have comfortable clothes on, it affects your mindset and encourages an overall better training.

Since women’s bodies come in various shapes and sizes, it’s essential to pick out the right workout clothes to accommodate your needs. Keep reading below to find out the kind of activewear attire that will look great on you to prepare you for your next visit to the gym.

For Women with Pear-Shaped Bodies

If you have a pear-shaped body type, your lower body will likely be bigger than your upper body. Your shoulders are slimmer than usual, and you could have smaller breasts. Meanwhile, your hips appear to be noticeably more prominent than the rest of your body.

What’s unique about your body type is you have well-rounded glutes and curving waists. Since you don’t have to bring attention to your lower body anymore, you may want to focus on your upper body instead.

You could purchase activewear that offers a great neckline and try on outfits with bold designs and loud colours to really get people’s attention. Those that prefer putting on layers when working out should still consider keeping your inner layers appealing and colourful.

For Women with Rectangle-Shaped Bodies

Women with a rectangle-shaped body are typically slender. Their shoulders, waist, and pelvis showcase an almost similar proportion with one another. What you may want to do when browsing through workout clothes for your body type is to focus on outfits that form an illusion that you have delicate curves.

As much as possible, you should select clothes with rounded seams. Meanwhile, the design of the leggings you wear should place greater focus on your hips and glutes. If you wish to appear curvier, you could select activewear with brighter hues than plain colours.

Bold shades have a way of changing how your body appears, so if your goal is to look like you have more curves, you should go for creative workout clothes. On the other hand, try to stay away from plunging neckline tops and single-coloured attires.

For Women with Hourglass-Shaped Bodies

If you have an hourglass-shaped body, then a lot of women must envy you because you’ve got a well-balanced and proportioned type of body. Usually, you can have significantly larger breasts and smaller waists than your shoulders or hips.

Those who want to look their best and flaunt their hourglass-shaped body should focus on getting close-fitting clothes to highlight your natural curves. You could opt for high-waist leggings to help you balance out your body shape entirely.

On the other hand, it’s best to avoid wearing workout clothes that are too big because they tend to cover up your figure. Don’t put on tight and thick clothes as well, to the point that you start to feel uncomfortable that you end up distracted from your workout.


All body types are beautiful. Whether you have a pear-shaped, rectangle-shaped, or hourglass-shaped body, you can look forward to buying workout clothes built for your body type. The most important thing to focus on is choosing activewear that brings you comfort, makes you feel good, and encourages you to have a great workout session every time.

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