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For those that can't wait, MVMNT LMTD have opened a 'Pre Order, Early Access' section for selected items.

This section ensures you get the product you are dying for, before it sells out.

Please keep in mind, some items can be a few weeks away. MVMNT will advise rough estimate time frames in the product descriptions. Furthermore, you can always contact MVMNT's friendly customer service team for any other queries, questions or concerns.

Once shipments arrive to MVMNT LMTD, we will take priority and dispatch all pre orders first.

Enjoy early access! 

**Please note, we do strongly suggest ordering 'Pre Order' items on their own. If you do order along with other in stock items, you have the option to wait - or we will email you with options to receive a shipping invoice (if you wish to receive separately). 

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