Sling Shot By Mark Bell | MVMNT LMTD | Australia

Sling Shot was designed and created by powerlifter Mark Bell. After some personal injuries, it was his mission to create products for himself and other to lift safely while protecting your ligaments and joints in the gym.

Sling Shot products help you stay safe while improving technique and strength.

Mark Bell’s Sling Shot range of lifters accessories has quite a variety - including knee wraps,various wrist wraps,knee sleeves and hip circles to name a few.

These innovative designs are used by the top strength athletes from around the world.

You will see numerous world record holders making use of the product to keep them safe during training and competition.

The Sling Shot range is always growing as they aim to have everything a lifter needs to get strong and stay safe.

This brand came of a need to find a solution to a problem. They don’t just make problems-they fix problems. This has been the intention with all the products.

The best progress comes from training well for a long period of time. A big factor in that is staying safe and injury free.

All Sling Shots are easy to use. They work by stretching with you that allows you to get the weight moving again and complete the lift. All the models can also be used for assistance with pushups and dips and allow you to do more reps!

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