MVMNT Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt

Black Beauty
Hot Red
Baby Pink
Peachy Peach
Snow Camo

MVMNT Neoprene Weight Lifting Belts cater for to those who wish to have the support but without the bulk or weight of a leather lifting belt.

MVMNT Neoprene Weight Lifting Belts will provide any athlete complete movement and functionality.

MVMNT Neoprene Belts are 4 inch contoured, with a velcro rip for ease of mobility and ease of use. For increased durability, the steel roller helps keep everything in place.

MVMNT Neoprene Weight Lifting Belts are designed for working out in the gym, competition events and even back support for use in the workplace or at home.

MVMNT Neoprene Weight Lifting Belts can assist with a correct, safer and stronger lifting technique and provide good back and torso support for injury prevention and protection.


  • Neoprene construction
  • Sizes XS-XL
  • 5 Colours
  • 4 inch contoured design for mobility
  • MVMNT LMTD logo at the rear
  • Can also be used at work or at home e.g. improving posture, waist trainer or computer desk job
  • Light weight - the belts weigh less than 300grams
  • Dual velcro fastener system
  • Stainless Steel buckle with locking bar
  • Provides strong stabilizing lumbar support
  • Comfortable and lightweight alternative to heavy lifting belts
  • Ideal for Bodybuilding, CrossFit athletes and Weightlifters


Please ensure when using MVMNT Neoprene Belts,

  • Only use flat soul shoes when using
  • You have securely attached velcro around your waist
  • Please ensure you do not exceed your own strength in weight limit on cable machines or free weights (to prevent any injuries)


Measuring around the waist where the belt is worn (inches). Size down for a extra tight fit if desired. If on borderline measurements, size down e.g. If you are a 33inch waist, choose a Medium. 

Extra Small: is below 26 inches
Small: 26 - 30 inches
Medium: 30 - 33 inches
Large: 33 - 37 inches
Extra Large: 37 - 39 inches

Neoprene Belt Full Length:

Extra Small: 32inch / 81cm
Small: 36inch / 92cm
Medium: 39inch / 100cm
Large: 43inch / 110cm
Extra Large: 44inch / 112cm

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