Sling Shot by Mark Bell | STretchy Wraps (LAST PAIR)

Designed with every lifter in mind, Sling Shot STretchy wrap is their most flexible wrap, intended to provide ample wrist support while allowing free rage of motion. This wrap is great for cross training, weightlifting, bodyweight movements and bodybuilding lifts.


  • Level 1 elastic ideal for movements requiring some wrist maneuverability
  • Provides wrist bracing for impact from olympic style exercise
  • Stretchy yet durable material allows for both comfort and support

Level 1 Sling Shot is the REACTIVE model and it is our most passive Sling Shot giving you enough assistance to overload, but not too much. It is best for our lifters that are benching lighter weights (under 300 lbs.).

Product Details

  • Length: 12” not including the velcro
  • Sold as a pair

Why You Should Use

  • Shorter length for ease and comfort
  • Wear during your training for wrist support


As Super Training evolved, athletes from various disciplines sought out our team to not only learn how to improve their base strength, but find supportive gear to help them protect against injury.  Working with high level athletes like Ben Smith and Brooke Wells, we designed our STretchy wraps to support the dynamic requirements of these disciplines.

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