EHPlabs | Glutamine

  • EHPlabs' L-Glutamine helps with your gut health, promotes lean muscle protein synthesis and improves natural human growth hormone release. Research studies have also shown L-Glutamine to boost immunity and decrease the effect of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

    L-Glutamine is HPLC tested to ensure that it is the highest quality pharmaceutical grade glutamine. EHPlabs' L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle cells, comprising over 60% of skeletal muscle.

    + Promotes lean muscle growth and fat reduction

    + Improves fitness level and workout performance

    + Minimise breakdown of muscles

    + Increases levels of natural human growth hormone

    + Improves protein metabolism

    + Boosts immune system, focus and concentration

    + Decreases the effect of DOMS

    You’ve probably heard about glutamine already – but is it of any use in the pursuit of gains? As it turns out, glutamine has been comprehensively researched and is actually one of the most important supplements for your training and overall well-being!

    The simplest way to look at glutamine is as an amino-acid. What sets this particular one apart from the rest is that it is the most abundant amino-acid in muscle cells (over 60%) despite not being essential.

    While your body can create it for tissue repair and cell growth, if you’ve had a high intensity workout, are dieting for weight loss, or are under severe stress, glutamine is just what you need to boost your energy levels and improve your health!

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