Sling Shot by Mark Bell | Heavy Duty Lifting Straps

Pre-broken in feel with a solid grip. There are many times in a pulling movement such as a deadlift or barbell row where your grip is the first thing to give out. This isn't ideal when trying to lock out a max effort pull or finishing off a grueling back routine. These extra long straps will help you focus on your movement rather than your grip. These are ideal to use during the offseason, overloading and accessory work.


  • Level 2 strength material
  • Pliable material conforms to the bar with great grip
  • Pre-broken in feel
  • Thick for easy gripping and quick strapping to the bar

Product Details

  • Solid red color
  • Made from cotton
  • 2" wide, 25" long
  • One size fits all
  • Sold as a pair

Why You Should Use It

  • Increased stiffness for heavier movements

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