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  •  NEW & IMPROVED T432!

    T432 Plus is a unique combination of super foods and spices used to maintain healthy metabolism.

    How does T432 Plus help fat burning?

    + Maximise thermogenesis and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

    + Correct Blood Sugar Level resistance

    + Control appetite and cravings

    + Create ideal thermogenic hormonal profile

    One of the key functions of the thyroid is to drive your metabolism. If your metabolism is slow, fat burning becomes difficult.

    Here is your strategy to target your thyroid function which T432 (T4, T3, T2) can assist with:

    + Support healthy thyroid hormone profile

    + Maximise Thyroxine (T4) production and release

    + Enhance the conversion of T4 to the more active form Triiodothyronine (T3)

    + and then support conversion of T3 through to the potent thermogenic mitochondrial activating T2

    + Boost the thermogenic form of thyroid hormone, Diiodothyronine (T2)

    + Reduce reverse T3 (rT3) (a potential suppressor of thyroid function)

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